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Eddie's White Tail
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Kevin's Kansas Whitetail 2008
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Steph and Dad
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Eddie and Dad
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Troy and Ed 2003
  • Trophy Care
  • Treat your cape as good as your trophy's meat. The cape will spoil just like the meat if not taken care of.

    1. With sharp knife, slit hide circling the body behind the shoulder at the midway point of rib cage. Should be at least 8 inches behind shoulder for full cape.
    2. Slit skin around legs just above knees (completely around leg).
    3. From behind knee slit BACK of leg all the way up to shoulder. Important not to slit in front of leg as this will show on your shoulder mount.
    4. Begin to skin from shoulder to the base of head as shown on diagram 3 below.
    5. Once you reach base of skull, cut head from carcass leaving cape attached to skull.
    6. Keep entire head cool or frozen to ensure that cape does not spoil. Keep in mind, bacteria will begin to grow as soon as animal is dead and hair quality is directly related to this bacteria being minimized. If you have antelope or small deer that can be placed into freezer, that works well on warm days.
    7. Wash blood from cape if at all possible.
  • Birds
    1. Freeze entire bird....DO NOT gut bird.
  • Fish
    1. Wrap entire fish in wet towel and place in freezer. DO NOT gut fish.
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